Where to enjoy unforgettable views of the Krakow panorama?

  Krakow is a city with an interesting history, cultural and artistic possessions, so it is definitely worth exploring its secrets and discovering new facts. The days are longer now, and the sunny weather is favourable for walking around the city. It is an ideal way to get to know the city up close and […]

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How to spend an unforgettable time in the center of Krakow

  With the travel restrictions in place earlier this year, affecting everyone across the world, many of us have not had a chance to plan the holidays let alone go for a long-awaited vacation. But things finally got better, we can now travel to most destinations and the summer is in full swing. So why […]

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Restaurant Week Festival in Krakow – Viva guests!

  Krakow and other cities are slowly returning to their old rhythm, and the Grand Ascot Hotel team is preparing for the upcoming culinary event – the next edition of the Restaurant Week Poland festival, which this year takes place from June 17 – July 5th. Restaurant Week in Krakow What exactly is the festival […]

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How the Wine & Spirits Bar by Grand Ascot was born

  When I first thought about making changes at the hotel bar, everything seemed simple. However, as the stages unfolded there were some challenges that we had to deal with. An idea born in travel The idea was born when I traveled for my 25th birthday. I decided to go to Warsaw and get lost […]

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Cultural life in Krakow – get to know Krakow’s theaters

  Krakow, as the former capital of Poland, still remains an extremely important point on our cultural map. Many artistic movements developed here, and the historical complexities – including partitions – left their mark on art. Today, the City of Kings attracts with both its history and cultural life. Check which theaters in Krakow are […]

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Wine & Spirits Bar by Grand Ascot – unveiling a new bar in Krakow

  The spring season brings a breath of freshness. At Grand Ascot, we focus on the highest quality of products and service, which is why we are proud to announce the transformation of our Lobby Bar into the Wine & Spirits Bar. The new drinks menu and refreshed interior are just some of the surprises […]

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Mysterious places in Krakow worth visiting

  Krakow is one of the most beautiful Polish cities, with its many secrets, rich history and unique atmosphere. That is why millions of tourists from all over the world visit it every year. If you have already seen all the most important monuments and have walked through the Main Square and Kazimierz, you should […]

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